Bold Doherty


Mary Ann Carolan sings in old age on the Hill of Rath,
She sings of Bold Doherty, that hard-drinking man,
She sings for her mother who taught her this song,
She sings for the collector who tracked her down,
A young man with a bouzouki from her native town,
She sings to fill out the years this song was unheard,
She sings to reflect the depth of life she has known,
She sings for a young girl who has not yet been born,
A child who late one night will hear an old woman
Sing on the radio and fall in love with the words:
A punk-haired girl who will later travel the world, 
To conjure up Bold Doherty’s drunken wanderlust
In a blue spotlight, white hands clasping the microphone,
A stranger in a strange time making this song her own.


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