Night & Day

With its combination of poetry and photography, Night and Day aims to be a unique kaleidoscopic glimpse into a day in the life of contemporary Dublin, a patchwork quilt of illustrated poems that become snapshots taken on the run amid the flow of busy lives across the new suburbs that necklace Ireland’s capital.

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One of Ireland’s best-known writers, Dermot Bolger, was a resident artist with South Dublin County Council’s innovative In Context 3 Percent for Art Programme. During this time he created a series of poster poems about every life that were displayed in unusual locations – as murals on Luas stops or walls of community centres or as posters in libraries or tax offices.

Bolger saw his work as deliberately forming only one half of a story. Each poem contained an invitation for writers who live or work in South Dublin Council to contribute to this work in progress, so that Bolger’s poems would merge into a symphony of other voices creating a tapestry of lives as lived today in Ireland.

The Night & Day project on this site presents Bolger’s poems in the context of the other poets in that area at that time. The entire book has now been published in a beautifully designed edition by New Island Books in association with South Dublin County Council. It can be ordered from The original sequence of Bolger’s poems for this project, published as part of a solo volume of his work, External Affairs, is also published is also available from or from good bookshops.

In creating his sequence of poster poems, Bolger’s intention was that the audience who came across them displayed in unusual places would also become the co-authors of the finished book – that they would not just be readers, but co-owners of the project.

In a similar spirit, this website offers the chance for members of the public to download – from their private use only and not for sale – any of the original poster poems by Dermot Bolger.

The original posters for Dermot Bolger’s poems (and therefore the images that accompany his poems in the book) were designed and chosen by the highly respected Dublin design company, Yellowstone Communications ( ).

The images in the book that accompany the poems by the other writers form part of a unique series of photographs of South Dublin County taken by In Context 3 Artists, Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly. These remarkable images provide a visual context to the ever-shifting city that inspired this collaborative book. These images remain the copyright property of Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly.

Night & Day bustles with the sense of modern life, a day filled with busy commutes in cars and on buses and of intimate moments in parks and behind closed doors. We hope that you enjoy the experience of reading it.