“Music is the pulse of Tracey Evan's life, its beat luring her through dance clubs and rave parties, a seemingly free-spirited twenty-two year old London college drop out who laps up the late-night, often ecstasy-induced, pleasures of that city. Yet behind her tough street-wisdom and promiscuity, lurk layers of vulnerability and self-loathing. Her spirit is still in thrall to a past she cannot quit and to memories she cannot obliterate, even by living on a knife-edge of risk.

That risk is never greater than when she enters into an uninhibited world of sexual games and fantasies with Luke Duggan, an married Irish businessman living in London. At once loathsome and tender, the chameleon-like Luke is torn apart by the alternating currents of his infamous Dublin criminal family, from whom he has tried to distance himself.

When family responsibilities force Luke to return to Dublin, taking Tracey with him, their games of risk and chance become frighteningly real. It is her first visit to Ireland, except for a brief, traumatic childhood excursion to seek her father, a wandering traditional musician from Donegal who vanished after Tracey's birth. Now, as Tracey tries to thread a path through the dangerous criminal underbelly of a drug-ridden city, primed to explode, the answers to her questions about herself, her lost father and Luke's ultimate motives become gradually and terrifying intertwined.

In this masterly psychological thriller, Dermot Bolger has fashioned a compelling portrait of a young woman's search for truth in a sea of moral ambuguity, where she can be certain of nothing, least of all her own feelings. Taut as piano wire, Father's Music is a gripping tale that dances before you like a dervish. It is a story to make your feet bleed.”




"Father's Music pulses to the rhythm of a taut romantic thriller. It is the work of a master craftsman, with intricate plotting and the interweaving of characters' lives casting a hypnotic spell" - Jack Hanna, Irish Times

"Dermot Bolger creates a Dublin, a particular world, like no one else writing can... It is the urban landscape of the thriller that Bolger has made exclusively his own." - Anne Haverty, Sunday Independent

"'A masterly psychological thriller" - Sunday Telegraph



ISBN NO: 0006550401

PUB DETAILS: Father’s Music is published by Flamingo/HarperCollins. It is published in Swedish as Sangen fran Donegal (Albert Bonniers Forlag) and in French as La Musique du Pere (Albin Michel). All other rights are available.


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