“Set in Dublin, Night Shift is the story of eighteen-year-old Donal Flynn, rushed into marriage and a factory job when his girlfriend Elizabeth becomes pregnant. Abandoning his late-night drinking, the rock gigs and sweet stolen moments of the past, the two lovers try to create an independent life for themselves and for the child who will irrevocably alter their existence – a life which the harsh, often violent realities of the adult world and the factory floor keep threatening to destroy.

Filled with compassion and tenderness and the fury of despair, Night Shift, the Acclaimed award-winning novel by Dermot Bolger, is a hauntingly beautiful elegy to love and lost hopes.”



“No Irish writer since John McGahern has been so obsessed with the poetics of love, sex and death. No Irish novelist has so brilliantly captured the suburban underbelly of the city, the crazy unofficial lives.” - Colm Toibin, Magill

“A little gem... never less than riveting.” - Sunday Press


ISBN NO: 0140148736

PUB DETAILS: Originally published by Brandon Books in 1985, re-issued by Raven Arts Press in 1989 and re-issued again by Penguin Books in 1993, Night Shift is based in the welding rod factory in Finglas where the author first worked. It received the AE Memorial Prize and is currently out of print. All rights are available.


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