Acclaimed by critics and awarded the Irish Times/ESB Prize for Best New Irish Play of 2004, From These Green Heights is an extraordinarily kaleidoscopic journey through the lives of two Dublin families over four decades. It moves the 1960s afternoon when Dessie, as a child, first glimpses the Ballymun Towers high-rise complex being built amid the fields of North Dublin, to the night in 2004 when he helps his young daughter pack up to leave the flat that has been his family home ever since then.

Brilliantly theatrical and shifting seamlessly across almost forty years, it is the story of love and struggle, of tragedy and tenderness, balancing the lives of those who stayed and those who left but still carried the imprint of their native place in their hearts. It grows into a hidden history of modern Dublin life, exploring the relationship between a place which outsiders used to stigmatise its people and those people themselves who gradually begin to take possession of their own destinies, to fight to reshape that place, to see children born and die there, and to call it home.






“A towering production… a rare and special thing… Bolger’s rich, evocative language swells and surges, carrying the characters with confident ease through their multi-faceted and often arduous journeys. From These Green Heights is something to be treasured. It brings to life a pocket of Irish history which will now not be forgotten. Don’t miss it.” Sunday Business Post

“An important piece of social history that cannot be recommended highly enough.” - In Dublin

“Unmissable” - Village Magazine



ISBN NO: 1904301851

PUB DETAILS: From These Green Heights was published as a solo volume by New Island ( ) and will be republished as as part of The ballymun Trilogy. Applications for any performance, whether by amateur or professional companies, must be made before rehearsals begin. Absolutely no performance may be given unless a license has been obtained.

From These Green Heights was first staged by Axis Art Centre, Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland on 24th of November, 2004, directed by Ray Yeates.


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