Jerome Furlong is a successful businessman, whose life has been carefully constructed from layer after layer of lies. That is until, in the squalid Dublin flat he is using to have an affair, he is suddenly confronted with a manifestation of the supernatural beyond both his comprehension and control.

The Passion of Jerome is the story of a violent haunting, the struggle of an ordinary man suddenly forced to confront both his own demons and the trapped poltergeist spirit of a dead boy, locked together into a desperate game where he must play Jesus.

Dermot Bolger’s powerful, graphic and often shocking new play explores the possibility of a divinity – benign or malevolent – existing in a secular world. At once lyrical and frightening, amoral and spiritual, it is a gripping and utterly original piece of theatre from what The Observer has called “a far-from-ordinary imagination.”



“At one level Dermot Bolger’s fascinating new play is the story of a haunting. At an altogether different level, it might be taken as a metaphor for the rescue of a catholic soul from some kind of living purgatory.” – Irish Times

“While using his brother’s flat for an illicit tryst with his mistress, Jerome, a cyncical businessman is visited by a malevolent poltergeist that peirces his hands with 6in nails. It is a cartharic event that sets in motion a chain of events that eventually lead to his self-annihilation and sebsequent redemption. An excellent cast does justice to Dermot Bolger’s gripping tale. The story is streamlined and the pace relentless as the tale builds to a devastating emotional finale.” – Sunday Times

“Bolger’s latest offering is powerful, compelling and frightening with stunning imaginative special effects that will have you tightly gripping your seat.” – Northside People



The Passion of Jerome was first staged by the Abbey Theatre on their Peacock stage on February 11th 1999 in a production directed by David Byrne. The text was published by Methuen Books in the UK and New Island in Ireland as part of the The Abbey Theatre Playscript Series. The text has since been re-written by the author and is available by request to professional or amateur companies interested in considering it for production. To send a request click here. A French version of the revised text was translated by Emile Jean Dumay, was first staged by Paris by Kazem Shahryari in his l’Art Studio Theatre in 2002 and was published by l’Harmattan as Prodige a Ballymun


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